Digital Equity Needs Emphasized by COVID-19: National Digital Inclusion Alliance

The National Digital Inclusion Alliance (NDIA) has stepped up its efforts to promote Digital Equity and Digital Inclusion with the launch of its new Awareness Page. The impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic drives home the continued lack of broadband availability in many under-served areas of the United States. With the release of its new info graphic “Everyone Needs Internet”, NDIA hopes to shine a light on the need to push for greater high-speed Internet distribution networks throughout the United States.

The PDF of the image may be downloaded on NDIA’s new Awareness page, which is located at

According to the advocacy group, 18 million households do not have access to “true” broadband, including through the use of devices and mobile data plans. This includes, surprisingly, 14 million in urban areas, and 4 million in rural areas.

While income disparity is a very real factor, many people do not have broadband (which the Federal Communications Commission defines as downloads of 25 Mbps with upload capability of 5 Mbps).

Affordability is not the only reason many Americans do not have broadband: some areas simply do not have the infrastructure in place, as such projects are very expensive.

The National Digital Inclusion Alliance supports grass-roots Digital Inclusion advocates; actively urges local, state and federal policy makers to implement Digital Inclusion strategies through legislation anf funding; educates policy makers, the media and potential partners towards collaboration; and conducts data-gathering and research to help bolster positions that lead to greater Digital Equity projects and implementation. While NDIA is based in the United States, the protocols and guidance being developed could be applied anywhere in the world, including the islands of the Caribbean.

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Author: caribtek