How CaribbeanBytes came to be

There are plenty of online directories out there, but this one is dedicated to sharing the wealth of Information Technology (IT) expertise that is available in the Virgin Islands. The 2 biggest reasons:

1. People need local IT help, and memory sometimes fails us. It’s easy to forget the names of companies that provide these services because business cards get lost, and not every provider is in the Yellow Pages. If you cannot remember the name of the company or know one of the principals or an employee, you are left waiting for the information to swirl into your mind unbidden, and often by the time you can recall it, the potential client has moved on and along. This site keeps them all at the fingertips, so we can help our local IT service providers to connect with those who need them.

2. Our economy loves local IT. At a meeting hosted by an international software company partnering with a local IT company, one of the hosts mentioned that he has on more than one occasion seen individuals with equipment in hand, ready to provide a quality service that could have been purchased right here. Perhaps if the business owner, administrator or project manager had known about the skills that are right here in the territory, those funds could have been spent where they would best benefit the local economy. Local talent is self-sustaining and more readily able to ensure accountability – and is accountable and accessible.

Hope you are able to connect with a local IT Pro through this web site, share it, or even suggest a company or individual to add to the CB Directory! Island Tech is easy to find, when you know where to look!

Author: caribtek