U.S. Virgin Islander Norecia Callwood Launches Options Trading University

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Breaking barriers and preconceptions about stock market trading is U.S. Virgin Islander Norecia Callwood, who shared her excitement in a social media post about the 3-year genesis of Options Trading University. Options Trading University is an internet-based learning system for adults who want to learn about the stock market and explore income opportunities. The curriculum mirrors the live class sessions that have been delivered by Callwood since 2015; increased demand and the desire to provide more flexible environment have led to her making the training more accessible. The comprehensive first course, Stock Market Basics, is completely free and will help you decide if stock trading is for you.

Friends helping friends

An educator by profession, Callwood took the advice of a female classmate and began to share what she had learned about stock market trading in 2015. This friend did one better: she brought a friend to the first live class. Callwood decided to text another of her friends who not only showed up, but she brought a friend, too. And so it went, with her mother pitching in to cook meals for her busier-by-the-day daughter. Her mother ended up joining in to see what her daughter was up to that had more and more people so excited about learning and cutting their own financial paths. This core group of active learners were dubbed “Alphas” because they were the first. On a tiny island within a minuscule territory that barely registers on a map at normal view, stock trading is making quite the big noise.

Taking the guesswork out of stock trading

Norecia herself is now retired from teaching, and is delighted to be able to eliminate a lot of the guesswork involved in getting started in stock trading. The complimentary basics course is provided to help eliminate the fits and starts that she herself went through as she tried to learn years ago. She refers to her students and trainers as the Mastermind Trading Team, and cites the steady support of her brother Dwane Callwood as integral to everyone’s sense of balance in the volatile world of trading. “I can honestly say that the team is not mine. It belongs to all of us. We’re a happy family and I love them all. The more eyes on the market the better! We’re ready to kick butt in 2019!” she wrote.

Basic and advanced stock market training

Courses include:  Stock Market Basics, Option Trading Basics, Charting Basics, Technical Analysis, Advanced Charting Master Class, plus more advanced training in examining stock cycles, moving averages, intra-day trading, Bollinger Bands and more. There is also a money-saving Starter Package and a Small Account Bundle.

Of course, stock trading comes with its own set of risks and considerations; it may not be ideal for everyone at any given time. For more information, log on to  https://optionstradinguniversity.thinkific.com.


Author: caribtek