UVI Journalism Students Introduced to Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality

screen shot of news 2 feature on dr. alex randall

University of the Virgin Islands Professor Alexander Randall V, Ph.D. provided UVI journalism students with hands-on Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence experience by gifting them with an Oculus Rift system. The purpose was to introduce them to 21st century information sharing concepts.

“Right now, artificial intelligence and virtual reality are the coming technologies. Some of these students have 40-year careers ahead of them,” states Dr. Randall in an News2 Virgin Islands feature. “And they need to be aware of what this technology is. It’s going to dominate our information universe over the next 20-30-40 years.”

Randall emphasized that the information and stories tomorrow’s journalists will share can impart perspectives and focus through the judicious use of these technological innovations.

Bravo, Dr. Randall. This writer also believes that firsthand knowledge of the proper use of these resources will contribute to greater discernment in pursuit of truth for the journalists of the future.

View the News2 video on Facebook: VIRTUAL REALITY AT UVI.

Author: caribtek